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Year End  Ballot - 2023

Please find below the official Year End Ballot: For Paid Members and Honorary Members such as our dedicated Volunteers. 


Your votes count so please take the time necessary to put lots of thought into your choices. If you have multiple memberships please fill out a ballot for each membership. You must put your name and class on each ballot or your ballot will not count.

Sportsman of the year:
Someone who exhibits qualities of fairness, courtesy, generosity and grace in winning and defeat.

Best Appearing:

Best Pit Crew:

Hard Luck:

Charlie Beddis Memorial:

This award is for the person who shows the most dedication and hard work towards the sport.:

Leonard Sterne Memorial:

This award is the Heritage Award and is for a long-standing
volunteer who has dedicated time and years to the club:

Any Special Notes you'd like to add?

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

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