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AGM Form and Survey- For 2023

Please take a moment to fill out this survey in preparation for our upcoming AGM. If you'd like to bring up any official business at the upcoming AGM please submit your suggestions or ideas here so we can add them to the agenda to be discussed.  



Your Name:

Please select what class or classes you plan to race in next year so we can better plan for the 2023 race season. If you're a volunteer please select volunteer:

Choose your class or classes:

What things do you feel went well this year or that you liked about this race season? 

Is there things the club could improve or do differently?

Please submit any changes or ideas you'd like to see discussed at the AGM? If you submit any ideas please try to attend the AGM to help discuss them. Things like Rules and regulation changes, class changes, safety ideas, or other thoughts please list them below so we can put them on the agenda for discussion. 

Board of Director Positions/ Volunteer Positions

Board of Director positions are up every year for re-election, if you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for a position please do so here. This club and all positions within the board of directors are filled by volunteers who work very hard to put these races together.  Having more people involved and dedicating time to volunteer helps spread the workload. So please take some time and put some serious thought into the next race season and consider volunteering.

To learn more about Board and volunteer positions Click Here.

Nominate yourself or someone you know that would you like to volunteer for a board position or another official position within the NWMRA. Please fill in names below along 

Any Special Notes you'd like to add?

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

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