AGM Voting for 2021 Board of Directors Elections

The NWMRA AGM will be held on October 28th, 2021. All board of director positions must be voted on. 

Our current Board of Directors are implementing electronic voting for this year's AGM due to covid restrictions on in person gatherings at the moment. 

Electronic voting will be open from October 24rd to October 28th at noon. 

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Class or Classes you plan to race in next year? JR, F, PC, C, B, E, A, ST Mod, ST Stock, 4/6 mini, H&H? Non-racers put: volunteer or other. 

Vote for your Board of Directors

Current board 

President - Leanna Davies
Vice President - Gavin McDonald
2nd Vice President - Michael Van Der Meij
Treasurer - Jennean Hill
Secretary - Elenor Fawcett 
Tech Director - Chris Stephens
Media Director - Stuart Wightman 
Head Time - Alyssa Bleeker
Head Gate Keeper - Diana Dayman

The above listed board members were voted in for 2020. Do you accept the decision to keep the current board until we can hold the spring AGM in 2022? 


Board of Director Nominees

Tabled Items

We have a few items to be tabled that need to be discussed but due to current in person gathering restrictions we feel it would be best to table these until we can gather in person for a spring meeting in 2022.

Items tabled:
Previous AGM minutes (2019 minutes will be included in email)
Junior Racer logistics
Volunteer incentives 

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