Where do we get tickets?


We currently only sell tickets onsite at races. Ticket sales are cash only.


How much is Admission?

Kamloops and Valemount:

$20 for a day pass

$35 for a weekend pass

Children 7 and under are free



Spectator cost

$15 for a day pass

$25 for a weekend pass


Pit Passes cost

$20 for a day pass

$35 for a weekend pass

Is there family passes/rates?


No not at this time but keep in mind children 7 and under are free.

Is there camping available?

Camping is available to racers, pitcrew and volunteer staff. Most race sites don't have the capacity to accommodate spectator camping. Sites like Valemount have a campground attached to them. Where as Chilliwack has very limited space. 

When can I arrive at the races?


Gates open at noon on Friday at most race sites. 

Is there hook ups?


No our racing sites do not have hook up, but generators are allowed. 

Do I need to bring my own seating or is there seating provided?


We always recommend bring your own lawn chairs just in case but most of our race sites have bleachers. We also recommend bring an umbrella, hats and sunscreen if needed as our events all take place outdoors where your out in the weather. 

Will there be food/drink?


Our race venues usually have a food truck on site where you can purchase food and drinks.  

What time does it start 

What time does it end 

Where & how do I register 

Can I bring my dogs 

I have “ truck” can I race or what do I need to race 

Where can I get my times, when will they be posted 

Who won

I wasn’t there for trophies, how do I get my trophy 

Are you still looking for sponsors 

How do I sponsor 

I’d like to be a good vendor who do I talk to 

How much is camping 

Why is it different prices for Chilliwack 

How do I become a member 

How much is membership 

Where do I find the event info 

Where do I find the rules. 

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